When Ruth Corderoy first spoke to us about taking on a walking challenge for Sobell House in February, the world felt a very different place. Ruth, a retired teacher and experienced hill walker, originally proposed tackling the Cambrian Way in June of this year, a path that is considered one of the most difficult (and beautiful!) walking routes in Britain. Then, the pandemic struck. Not one to be easily deterred, Ruth didn’t give up. She decided to take on a virtual challenge instead, and to lean on her knowledge of the Ridgeway to follow the trail in her head, whilst exercising within lockdown restrictions.

As Ruth takes on each section, she’s been blogging about her efforts and where she’s reached on the route, as well as sharing some of the fascinating history of the Ridgeway, Britain’s oldest road.

So, in my mind’s eye I’m heading from the car park towards Liddington hill. In reality I’ve just navigated my way around Sainsbury’s doing Mum’s shopping: bananas, check; milk, check; bread, check; Marmite, nope; dried yeast, you’re having a laugh. Pack into rucksack, off we go. Home, wash hands, disinfect bags, deliver to Mum.

Meanwhile on the Ridgeway I’m looking at the remains of the fort at Liddington Castle, said to be the site of the mythical Arthur’s (who must never be confused with Alfred…) victory in a battle with the Saxons. The fort/castle, along with Barbary castle, controlled access to the North for soldiers and trade, bit like the high vis guard outside Sainsbury’s who regulates all who want to trade.

Ruth’s Ridgeway Rambles, excerpt from Day 2.

We’re delighted that Ruth has continued to support us, and what a fantastic way to share more about our local scenery at a time when it’s difficult for us to be outside ourselves. You can keep up to date with Ruth as she rambles along the Ridgeway at her blog here, or support her efforts on her JustGiving page here.