Forget-me-not Tribute Pages

A forget-me-not tribute page is your own special memorial website, set up in memory and celebration of your loved one’s life. It provides a shared space for those affected by loss to come together and share fond memories and photos.

Grief is different and unique to everyone; a forget-me-not page offers a way to remember and honour a loved one in a way that feels right to you. There is the option to simply light a virtual candle or add a photo for those who cannot find the words.

Collections for Sobell House

Forget-me-not pages are free to set up.

If you choose to, you can also use your page to collect donations for Sobell House in your loved one’s name. This allows anyone visiting your page to make a donation to Sobell House in memory of your loved one. It shows you the total amount donated so that over the weeks or years you can continue to see their legacy.

About MuchLoved

We’ve partnered with MuchLoved, a wonderful charity that provides the platform for forget-me-not tribute pages.

MuchLoved is the UK’s leading tribute website service and provides a safe space to create tribute pages that can be both private or public, giving you complete control over who has access to your page.

As well as deciding who has access to view your page, you can also decide whether to allow contributions from visitors, so that there is no concern over receiving unwanted postings.

In this testimonial video you can hear from other people who set up a tribute page, and how it helped them through the grieving process.

Funeral announcements

A forget-me-not page is an easy and secure way to communicate funeral information to guests. MuchLoved also have a function to set up a funeral notice separate to your page if you wish. Through this, you can let your guests know if you would prefer to set up donations to Sobell House in place of flowers.

You have complete control over who sees the funeral announcement. In addition, you can provide the location and directions to the funeral or wake.

Set up a tribute page

You can set up or search for an existing forget-me-not page below, and join us in celebrating the people who are no longer here, but will never be forgotten.

It only takes a few moments to create a forget-me-not tribute page. Please tell us…

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Need some help?

We are very happy to set up a forget-me-not page on your behalf, or answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch with Miriam from the charity team: or 01865 857007.