Gift Aid

We are a member of the UK Government’s Gift Aid scheme. We can use the scheme to boost your donations by 25% if you’re a UK taxpayer, at no extra cost to you.

Post your Gift Aid declaration

Download our Gift Aid form to print at home. Please return the form to:

Sobell House Hospice Charity
Churchill Hospital
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Submit your Gift Aid declaration online

  • By ticking this box, you are confirming that Sobell House Hospice Charity can claim Gift Aid on your donation, along with any donations you make in the future or have made in the past four years. This means we’ll be able to claim 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you’ve donated. By agreeing for us to Gift Aid your donations, you’re confirming that you are a UK tax payer and understand that if you pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on your donations in that tax year it is your responsibility to pay any difference, or to notify us if you no longer wish for us to claim Gift Aid on your donations. If you have any queries regarding the Gift Aid scheme, or you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, please see our list of FAQs on this page. If you need to inform Sobell House Hospice Charity that your name or address has changed, or you would like to cancel your declaration, please email
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Frequently asked questions

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a HM Revenue & Customs scheme that allows us to boost your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. Gift Aid allows charities to reclaim tax on donations made by a UK taxpayer.

To qualify for Gift Aid, the amount of income/capital gains tax that you pay must be at least equal to the amount we can reclaim on your donations. This maximises the impact of your kind gifts to Sobell House Hospice Charity.

What is a Gift Aid Declaration?

This is a form you complete stating that you are eligible to Gift Aid your donation(s) and are happy to do so.


A Gift Aid Declaration must show the name of the charity, the donor’s title, full name and home address, the donation amount, and the date of the donation. It doesn’t require a signature. This can be completed online or as a hard copy.

How can I be sure that my donation is eligible for Gift Aid?

Gift Aid can be applied to any amount donated by an individual, large or small – it all adds up! Cash, cheque, postal order, direct debit, standing order and bank card donations can all be Gift Aided.


According to the UK Income Tax Act of 2007, certain donations are not eligible for Gift Aid. If your donation falls into any of the following categories, Gift Aid shouldn’t be claimed:

  • Donations made by anyone who is not a UK taxpayer.
  • Donations made on behalf of someone else or a group of people. For example, if you collect money from your friends and family and then make one bulk donation. Even if they are UK taxpayers, the donation is not eligible unless we receive a Gift Aid declaration from each of the supporters contributing to the collection.
  • Donations made in return for something. For example, the purchase of tickets for an event or buying a raffle ticket.
  • Donations made on behalf of a company.


If you’re unsure, please email us at

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Gift Aid is taken from tax you’ve already paid, so there is no charge to you. It doesn’t affect your tax status either.

I am a pensioner, do my donations qualify for Gift Aid?

You may still be paying tax on a private pension plan or a savings account, or capital gains tax if you sell either some property or shares. You are still eligible if you have paid enough tax during the year to cover the amount we are reclaiming on your donations.

Can we make donations from a joint bank account?

If donations are made from a joint account, we ask that just one person completes the Gift Aid Declaration. They must be a taxpayer and have paid enough tax to cover the Gift Aid that will be claimed on your joint donations each tax year plus any other donations they make. To enable HMRC to identify the correct person please use your full name and address on the Gift Aid Declaration.

What if I agreed to give Gift Aid to another charity?

You can support as many UK charities as you would like to through Gift Aid. All you need to do is to return a declaration to each charity that you support and ensure that you are paying enough tax during the year to cover your total annual donations.

Do I have to complete a Gift Aid declaration for every donation?

No. One completed Gift Aid declaration returned to Sobell House Hospice Charity will cover donations you have made in the last four years and any donations you make in the future, unless you wish to cancel the declaration, or your circumstances change. Please keep us informed of any changes to your name or address. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to

Do I need to inform you if my details change?

Please contact us if:

  • You want to cancel your Gift Aid Declaration
  • Your name or home address changes
  • You no longer pay sufficient tax, but still want to donate.
Can I change my mind or cancel my Gift Aid declaration?

You can change your mind or cancel your Gift Aid declaration at any time by emailing to withdraw your declaration or to let us know that we should no longer use your declaration.

I forgot to Gift Aid my donation. What can I do?

If you donated directly to us, please get in touch at to let us know and we will send you a link to an online Gift Aid Declaration. Once completed, we will be able to claim the Gift Aid on your donation.

What if I’m donating through a third-party platform?

If you donate through a third-party platform such as JustGiving, you can complete a Gift Aid declaration when making your donation. You do not have to complete a separate Gift Aid declaration for Sobell House Hospice Charity.

What if I pay a higher rate of tax?

Even if you are a higher-rate taxpayer, we can only claim back tax at the basic rate on your donation. However, you can claim the difference between what we reclaim and what you pay yourself through your tax return, or you can donate it back to Sobell House Hospice Charity by filling out the information on your self-assessment form. All you have to do is remember to include information about your charitable contributions on your tax form.

Do I need to declare anything in my tax return?

You only need to declare gifts made in the current tax year. Whilst the charity can claim tax back on donations made up to four years ago, you can only benefit from tax relief on donations made in the current year.

How do I find out more?

You can email us at

Where can I find more information about Gift Aid?

You can find out more about Gift Aid by visiting the HMRC website.

What is a Gift Aid repair letter?

We can only claim Gift Aid if we have a valid Gift Aid declaration. If we identify an invalid declaration, in some instances HMRC allows us to write to donors to repair their declaration so we can claim Gift Aid.

The repair letter sets out the reason the declaration is invalid and provides the donor with the information they need to make their declaration valid. If we cannot repair a declaration, we will have to repay the Gift Aid we have claimed under that declaration.

Why have I been sent a Gift Aid repair letter?

We can only claim Gift Aid if we have a valid Gift Aid declaration made by the donor. We have discovered that your Gift Aid declaration may be invalid (e.g. missing post code). Your repair letter details the information we are asking you to review. Please advise us of any changes. You only need to contact us if your details have changed.

If we don’t hear from you within 30 days of the date of the letter, under HMRC rules we can consider the declaration to be repaired and we can continue to claim Gift Aid under that declaration.

I’ve received your Gift Aid repair letter. What do I have to do?

If your details (such as taxpayer status and address) are correct and have not changed, you do not need to do anything.

If your details have changed, please get in touch with us within 30 days of the date of the letter at

Will this affect my ongoing donations?

No. This only affects the Gift Aid we claim on your donations.

What happens if I don’t reply to you?

We ask you to let us know within 30 days if there are any changes we need to make to the way we claim Gift Aid on your donations. If we don’t hear from you, we will continue to claim Gift Aid.

I have opted out of mailings from you. Why have you contacted me?

Under UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, we can contact you about your Gift Aid declaration because we have a legitimate interest in ensuring we are following HMRC rules regarding claiming Gift Aid.

What if I am participating in a sponsored event?

What are the rules?

If Sobell House Hospice Charity has paid for the fundraiser to participate in an event, then sponsors connected to the participant should not claim Gift Aid on their donation.

What is a connected person?

The fundraiser’s spouse or civil partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild plus their spouse/civil partner.