Equity and diversity

The Palliative Care Team’s Equity and Diversity Statement

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Our specialist palliative care service provides palliative and end-of-life care to adults with progressive, life-limiting illness across Oxfordshire and South Northamptonshire. We commit to delivering on our legislative and regulatory obligations and various accreditation frameworks to promote equality, eliminate discrimination and encourage diversity.

For us, equality, diversity and inclusion goes beyond legal and regulatory compliance. We are committed to accessible and equitable care including by:

  • Offering compassionate whole person care to our patients and their loved ones.
  • Encouraging diversity in our workforce, our volunteers and our supporters, so that we better reflect the community we serve. Creating an open culture where our patients, staff, volunteers, and supporters are celebrated for who they are – their differences and similarities.
  • Identifying and reducing health inequalities so that everyone in our catchment area can access our services and experience equitable care. Working across our charity and clinical teams and with our partners to understand the systems that cause these inequalities and working to dismantle them.
  • Engaging with the breadth of the community to help us adapt our services to meet local and individual needs. Listening to patients and the public and being accountable to them to make changes in our work.
  • Continuing to learn and improve, recognising that this area of practice is ever-evolving.