Our day services

We offer a varied and flexible twelve week programme that enables people with life limiting conditions to live well and achieve their goals.

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Our day service programmes are an opportunity to meet people in a similar situation in a relaxed and friendly social setting. Through day services, you can maintain your independence and also access regular specialist support from our team of professionals.

What can I do at day services?

There’s always lots to get involved with, and what we offer changes from week to week. For example, you could take part in one of our exercise classes or creative activities; you could attend an art or music therapy session; or you could access one of our complementary therapies. If you are looking for support with a particular issue, we can arrange for you to speak to our benefits advisor, pharmacist or chaplaincy team. Our programmes are patient led, meaning that you get to decide what you want to focus on and tell us what is important to you. If there’s anything that you especially want to try, talk to us about it.

Is a day services programme the right option for me?

Our day services programmes are open to anyone within the Sobell House catchment area that has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. We accept people at all stages of their illness, as long as you are well enough to travel to the hospice, and to attend for the whole day, from 10am to 3pm. If you don’t have transport of your own, we can help to arrange transport with our team of drivers.

If you’re referred to our day services, our team will discuss your goals and your condition with you at an outpatient appointment. We’ll assess what kinds of support you might need to get the most out of the programme, and check that we’re able to safely meet your needs before allocating you a place.

Can I try day services to see if it works for me?

Yes. For everyone attending, your first week will be a trial week, or “Week Zero”, and you’re welcome to bring someone with you. If you think it’s a good fit for you, you’ll then come back by yourself for the full twelve week programme.

When are day services available?

You can attend our day services one day a week for twelve weeks. Our team carefully assign people to a particular day based on what your needs are and what support we have available to meet them, and we will tell you which day we can accommodate you after you are referred to us. You’ll continue to attend on that day of the week throughout your programme. Each day of the programme begins at 10am and ends at 3pm.

How can I be referred to day services?

If you would like to be referred to day services, please discuss it with your usual healthcare professional.