Sobell Companions

Our volunteer Sobell Companions provide support and companionship to our patients at home or in the hospice.

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At Sobell House, we believe companionship is crucial for our patients to feel socially connected at what can be an isolating and worrying time. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful team of carefully selected, trustworthy volunteer Sobell Companions, who provide support and companionship to our patients, and their carers and families.

What support can a Sobell Companion provide?

Patients have someone to talk to about current or past events, play games or complete legacy work with, or enjoy time sitting in the garden or meeting at a coffee shop. A Companion can also spend time with a patient so that they are not left alone, which allows peace of mind for family members and enables them to enjoy some respite. Companionship is offered both in the community and on our inpatient unit.


How does the service work?

We currently have 18 trained volunteers. Since July 2022, we have offered support to 73 patients and/or carers and family members, totalling over 160 hours of support. Our volunteers discuss a convenient time for both parties to schedule their visits in and the length of visits are variable – no two visits are the same.

Companions are able to continue their support when patients have hospital or hospice admissions or are discharged home, which gives the patient and their families/carers continuity of support.


How can I request support from a Sobell Companion?

If you are interested in a volunteer companion, please speak with your community palliative care team and they will make a referral on your behalf.

Alternatively, please contact the voluntary services team on 01865 225868 or email

Hear from our patients and volunteers

“I thoroughly enjoyed having my companion, she helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I will be forever grateful to her.” – Patient who received telephone support from a Sobell Companion.

“It is always good to hear from my volunteer, every week it gives me someone to talk to outside the family.” – Patient who received telephone support from a Sobell Companion.

“The support the companion gave my friend was amazing and made a huge difference.  I was really impressed the way the volunteer supported her in different locations when her circumstances changed, in the nursing home and the hospice.” – Friend of a patient who support from a Sobell Companion.

“I’ve really enjoyed being a Sobell Companion. I have met such interesting people and it is a real privilege to have them share their stories and feelings at such a difficult time in their life.  It is also wonderful to be able to support the work of Sobell House; I know first-hand how much of a difference they make to people, so to be able to do this is my small way of saying thank you.” – Volunteer.

Our Sobell Companion service is fully funded by the Charity and we are so grateful to our supporters for helping us to raise the vital funds that keep services like this one up and running. Find out more about how you can get involved and fundraise for Sobell House.