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It’s time to get arty!

24th January 2022
The art therapy programme at Sobell House provides an opportunity for people to explore feelings, thoughts and ideas. Sometimes it can be helpful for people to simply enjoy using the art materials on offer, and being able to put their focus on the task at hand.

We wanted to open this experience up to everyone, which is where the idea for our Art Bag Project came from. To take part, you do not need experience in embroidery or art, as you’ll find everything you need in your art bag.

By taking part in the Art Bag Project we invite you to:

Create, by completing a small embroidery.
Contemplate, by considering the choices, thoughts or feelings you discover during the process.
Connect, by creating alongside others and contributing to the growing display on our ward.

If you’d like to get involved with the project, just pick up a free art bag from reception, which contains all of the instructions, top tips, and materials you need.

When you’ve finished your project, please remember to drop off your artwork at reception, so it can join the growing display of embroideries on our ward.