November is a month for remembering, from the childhood rhyme about the fifth of November to Remembrance Day itself, when we reflect on the horror and futility of war, while remembering those who lost their lives in the service of their country. This month, we are asking you to remember those you have loved through Dying Matters #IRemember campaign. Death and dying are hard to talk about, but are also a part of the circle of life. By remembering loved ones and talking about those we have lost as well as their last days and weeks, we help not only to keep their memories alive, but also to break the taboo around talking about death.

Here at Sobell House, we will always remember the people we care for and their family and friends, and it always means so much to us when people share their memories from their time at Sobell House. Today, we wanted to share a couple of these with you all…

Murielle: “The idea that my husband Robin would have to go to a hospice in his final days was something I found really hard to get my head around; I just wasn’t ready for that. But the hospice is a very nice space, very clean, very spacious, lovely colours, with a lovely space outside. Robin had his own room, and we filled it with the things that Ali, our nurse, had suggested I bring like photos and personal items. The room was amazing; I almost cried because Robin loved golf and it was overlooking the golf course. It felt like a luxury.”

Alison: “For the last two weeks of my Dad’s life, he stayed at Sobell House. Dad had a lot of banter with the staff – being an ex-policeman and publican – that’s what he did. He loved chatting with Christina, one of the nurses who was from Spain. She would talk about different Spanish towns – places that Dad remembered visiting. The highlight of Dad’s day was when the volunteers came round with the drinks trolley. Having his half a pint of lager or a small glass of whisky each day really lifted his spirits. And it gave him an opportunity to have chats about things other than his illness or medical bits – it was like he was back in the pub, having a laugh with his mates again.”

Please share your #IRemember stories and memories of loved ones cared for by Sobell House through our online story form. We’d love to hear from you.

You are also warmly invited to join our Lights of Love remembrance service on Sunday 4 December at the Sheldonian Theatre. This is our most treasured event, as it’s a time where people from far and wide come together to remember and celebrate their loved ones.