A short reflection

13 December 2022

We wanted to share a heartwarming short reflection with you all, written by Heather Jackson, who works in our Home Hospice care team. In her role, Heather cares for and supports people with a life-limiting illness who choose to be cared for at home, so they can be surrounded by loved ones and feel safe and comfortable.

“I wake up in the morning to the sound of birds singing and get ready for work. I look in the mirror while straightening my collar and pinning on my badge and smile, thinking I’m so proud to be part of a wonderful team. I drive to work and am greeted by my team member with a warm smile and a ‘hi, how are you?’ Knowing that we can do this together, we knock on the door.

We care for people at home who are dying and treat them with respect and dignity, all the while focusing on their individual needs. We check if there have been any changes since our last visit, and make sure to ask them how they have been.

We speak to the family members and offer them a small gesture of kindness by suggesting they go and take a breather, pop to the shops, or even enjoy a walk. A smile from them and a ‘thank you’ just shows that we know how they must be feeling, and that we fully understand what they are going through.

I get in my car for the drive home and think to myself ‘will this be the last time I see the patients we cared for today?’ My own reflection on death is that we have fulfilled peoples wish to be at home and they are surrounded by their loved ones so they do not die alone. The only pain left to face is the loved ones left behind, but with support, and counselling, they can get through this.

What a wonderful team we are, working together to make this beautiful and important service happen.”