My Lovely Postcards

13 January 2023

My Lovely Postcards is a community art project set up by Sobell House, alongside the Foreman family, to raise funds for Beth’s Bursary Fund. Budding and professional artists are invited to submit a postcard-sized artwork (148mm x 105mm) which is then sold to members of the public through an art exhibition and auction.

What is the Beth Bursary Fund?

Established in 2017 in loving memory of Beth Foreman, Beth’s Bursary Fund supports nurses to receive further training and education in palliative care. Continuing professional development is key to providing the very best care, so by providing nurses with opportunities to gain the specialist skills they need, we’re able to make a long-lasting impact on the quality of palliative care here at Sobell House Hospice and further afield. To date, Beth’s Bursary Fund has contributed an incredible £59,939 to further training for nurses.

How can I submit my artwork?

Please read through our submission guidelines and then fill out our submission form. Please note that submissions close on 31 March 2023. You will then have until 21 April 2023 to send your postcard(s) to us. More information can be found within the guidelines.

When and where will the exhibition take place?

The auction takes place online from Thursday 18th – Sunday 28th May 2023. You will able to place a bid while visiting the Cloister Gallery at SJE, Iffley Road, Oxford, OX4 1EH.