Dave's Story

Shared by Dave’s wife, Sue

My husband, Dave Camble, was initially cared for by the Sobell House team at home. The team would help him with his day to day needs, and also his medication, by liaising with Dave’s GP.

As Dave’s health was deteriorating so quickly, Sobell House took Dave into the Hospice to try to stabilise his condition. I had never been into a hospice before, so I’m not sure what I expected, but wow was I surprised. Yes, it was like a hospital, but so homely and welcoming.

The staff there were incredible and could not do enough to help. Dave’s doctor was so lovely and would explain everything so well. All of the nurses were fantastic. Something that sticks in my mind was towards the end when Dave was unable to properly eat and could only eat milk products. So the nurses would instead bring him ice cream, custard, and rice pudding, as that was all he could tolerate.

I fondly remember Mohammad on the ward reception desk. He would always recognise me and say hello and very helpfully arranged for me to have a parking permit so I could easily park on the Churchill Hospital site. As I live in Thame, I would regularly visit Dave three or four times a day, which would enable Dave to have a rest between our visits. Being able to come and go was fantastic, as I didn’t want to think he was on his own. Family and friends also visited, and it was never a problem or an issue, everyone was so lovely and helpful.

Pictured: Dave

Sobell House arranged for Dave to have a 24-hour pass to come home, and organised a hospital bed to be installed downstairs for us, as Dave would not have coped with the stairs and he wanted to watch his beloved Liverpool F.C. play a game with some of his friends. I am glad to say that Liverpool won!

Dave stayed at Sobell House for nearly three weeks. Unfortunately, his condition did not stabilise, and he passed away peacefully with myself and our daughter, Katie, by his side.

Although I would have preferred for Dave to be at home in his final weeks of life, I would not have managed on my own and Dave would not have wanted to see me struggle or fill the role of his carer. Sobell House was definitely the next best thing to being at home and Dave was cared for so much, allowing me to be by his side as his wife.

Even after Dave passed away, Sobell House were on hand to help me and my daughter through whatever we needed help with.

I took advantage of Sobell House’s bereavement service, and had the great fortune to meet Nicki, who visited me at home to give me support and advice, and who just listened to whatever I needed to talk about (which was a lot!).

I cannot thank the Sobell House team enough for all their help and support through what I can only describe as the worst time in my life.

A year after Dave had passed away and the Covid-19 pandemic was in full force. As I was on furlough from my job, I decided to help out at my local Sobell House charity shop, which was my way of giving something back. But I can honestly say that this helped me too. I was able to talk to people about Sobell House and the wonderful job that they do. Just talking helps, and meeting wonderful people on a daily basis was just what I needed and has helped me to carry on.

Thank you so much to Sue for kindly sharing her family’s experience of Sobell House.

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