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Planning a funeral

7th May 2020

Dying Matters Week 2020: ‘Dying to be Heard’

As part of Dying Matters week, our chaplaincy team have put together some helpful advice and information when thinking ahead and planning your funeral, to help ensure your wishes are heard and fulfilled.

Information to provide Funeral Directors with

  • Do you have an advance funeral plan? If so, do your next of kin know where to find the policy?
  • Do you want to be buried or cremated? If so, where?
  • Are there any special instructions you would like to give regarding what you would wear in your coffin?
  • If you’re cremated, would you like your ashes to be kept or scattered? If scattered then where?

People attending

  • Have you left an address list of people to contact?
  • Are there particular people you would like to ask to carry your coffin?
  • What would you like your family and friends to wear?
  • Are there any specific people you would like to do readings or speak?

The service

  • Is there a specific faith leader or other celebrant you would like to conduct the service?
  • Where would you like the funeral to be held?
  • Do you want your service to have religious content or not? Please note that if it is in a Church or led by a Faith Community Celebrant there will be some religious content.
  • What religious music or other music would you like played?
  • Are there any poems, prayers or readings you want included?

In memory

  • Would you like to invite your family and friends to send flowers for the funeral? And would you like them to make a donation to a charity of your choice?
  • Would you like family and friends to have a wake, gathering or party afterwards? If so, do you have a preferred place?
  • Do you want a memorial service (this can be an alternative to a funeral) – and, if so, where?

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