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Retail Gift Aid

Gift Aid it!
Gift Aid is a great way to make sure that we get the most from your donation. It’s easy – if you’re a UK taxpayer, the government gives Sobell House an extra 25p for every £1 made through the sale of your pre-loved items, at no extra cost to you. 

It’s easy to do
Making the most of your donation just takes these four simple steps:

  • When you donate your items to your local Sobell shop please ask the staff for a Gift Aid form.
  • Complete the short and easy form (we just need your contact details and signature).
  • The staff will give you a Gift Aid card with your unique Donor ID number on it.
  • Simply use that unique number for all your future donations.

Thank you
Every penny helps, so please don’t forget to ask about Gift Aid next time you pop into one of our charity shops. Thank you!