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Joan and Alexandra’s story

Four years ago, my nan Joan was receiving palliative care for lymphoma. Tragically, at the same time my father was in hospital with lung cancer and he died very suddenly from pneumonia. My mother and I were caring for my nan but we were also struggling coming to terms with losing my father. Everything was extremely overwhelming, especially on finding Nan in a bad way in her home and having to call the paramedics.

A decision was made for Nan to go to Sobell House for respite. The nurses and staff couldn’t have been more caring and helpful in the situation. They organised for someone to bring Nan to my father’s funeral which was such an amazing gesture and took away a huge worry for us.

Sadly, Nan’s condition had progressed further than initially thought. She quickly deteriorated. Staff at Sobell House made it possible for my two young sons to come with me to visit her and spend some time with her in a family room in what would be her final day with us.

She passed away peacefully with a nurse by her side.

It was a devastating time in our lives, losing two family members within ten days. But knowing Nan was being cared for at Sobell House was such a comfort at such an awful time. I will forever be grateful to them.

Pictured: Joan with her great-grandson